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Latex Surgical Gynecological Gloves

PRIMUS has come up with a new type of gloves called STERILE SURGICAL GYNECOLOGICAL GLOVES of multipurpose use. These gloves are made from natural rubber latex and as the name suggests this product is longer in length than the normal surgical gloves in order to provide extra protection.

This glove comes in four lengths - 14 Inches(350 mm), 16 Inches(400 mm), 18 inches(450 mm) and 19 inches(490 mm,) Anatomic in shape , Powdered and Powder FREE. Polymer coated version of this product is also available.

In medical industry these gloves are used in various processes like Gynecology / Obstetric ,Oncology Labs, Old age homes etc and in the pharmaceutical industry, these are used while handling formulations, tablets etc. The gloves are sterilized either by EO (Ethylene Oxide Gas) or by Gamma Radiation as per customer requirment. Packaging is based on specifications requested by the customer. NON Sterile version of this product, packed in dispenser boxes is also available .

Nitrile gloves
Manufactured from High quality Natural rubber latex.
In-process control covering all aspects of manufacturing ensure a consistent high quality.
In-line leaching process reduce content of soluble proteins.
Avoidance of thiurams for lower allergenic potential.
Manufactured and packed under clean and hygienic environment ensuring low Bio-Burden on the gloves.
Bisque Finish.
Ambidextrous - to fit either hands or anatomic in shape
Good elongation provide little and fatigue and lasting comfort in use even during long procedures.
Beaded cuff for secure fit.
Lightly powdered with USP grade absorbable corn starch.
Powder FREE Gloves Manufactured on sophisticated automatic chlorinator machines for consistent quality.
Medical/ Hospital Use (in long surgical procedures like Gynecology, Obstetric, Neuro Surgery, etc) Old Age Homes.
Laboratories/ Pharmaceutical Industries
Veterinary/ Poultry Farms.
Food Processing.
Sterile 18 inch Elbow Length: 15 x 36 cms Peel Down to Open Pouches 25 pairs/ dispenser
Sterile 16 inch: 15 x 30 cms Peel Down to Open Pouches 50 pairs/ dispenser.
Sterile versions available are packed in Plastic Pouches also.
NON Sterile versions are also available packed in Plastic Sleeves or Paper Wallets.
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